Selected Short Stories (click to read)

The Tea-Taster,” Gemini Magazine, February, 2022

Birds of the Lesser Islands,”  Miracle Monocle,  April, 2018

A Sweet Kid,” Bryant Literary Review, Volume 21, 2020 (page 68)

Taco Dreams,” The Metaworker, February, 2020

Fireworks,” Chelsea Station, Fall, 2016

Selected Essays

Lessons From The Pandemic,” Vox Populi, January 23, 2021

The Rage Will Continue,” Solstice Literary, 2020

Justice and Security For All,” OpEdge, April 24, 2020

Something Must Be Said,” Solstice Literary, 2020


Hideaway Lounge,” Pendust Radio, Original broadcast, 2020


 “Love Never Always,” Selected Poems, Ithuriel’s Spear, San Francisco

Love Never Always
ISBN-10 : 0974950211
ISBN-13 : 978-0974950211

These startling poems span the final decade of last century and the first years of the present one. They reveal a strong voice fully attuned to its own time and process. Roberta Loach, editor of Visual Dialog, says “These words are meditative and move to the center of everyday living, loving, being.”

Torphy’s poems, articles, fiction, and critical reviews have appeared in numerous publications. He also works as an art curator.

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